Our Services

Custom Design

Understanding how complicated and time consuming a project could become, we avail our team to sit down and spend time both with the owner and designer in each project to make certain that we understand the desired end result. Based on the information learned, we look for suitable products and make certain that all aspects are not overlooked, from brightness (lumen), Correlated Color Temperature and its hue, Color Index, beam angle and physical requirements related to placement, are among others, things that we have to consider in coming up with the final products. All aspects are considered so that we can provide the end result as it was intended.

One Stop Solution

Low cost and high quality products. Impossible? Though this is a paradox by nature, we always strive to provide the best solution for our clients. By keeping our company lean, we are able to keep the overhead cost down. We always opt for the highest quality products that can be absorbed by each project and most of the time we pick and choose products specifically for them. By so doing, we are curbing our inventory cost. This is how we manage our cost. We passed the savings to our clients. In the end, our clients are the winners. This is how we assist our clients in realizing the impossible.